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Natural Wood Chairs: 5 Reasons Why People Like It?

28 Sep 2022


  1. Natural Wood Chairs Have Many Health Benefits
  2. Natural Wood Chair Is Strong and Durable
  3. Natural Wood Chair Is Healthy and Environmentally Friendly
  4. Natural Wood Chair Exquisite Craftsmanship
  5. Natural Wood Chairs Can Preserve and Increase Value
  6. How to Maintain Natural Wood Chairs?

Many trees only need to be cultivated for three years to become timber. But when trees are treated and turned into building materials and furniture, they can accompany us for almost a lifetime.

Natural Solid Wood Cane Chair

Natural wood chair is the most common wooden furniture, when using natural wood chair, touch the solid wood surface, so that it produces luster, moisturize the wood, the longer it is used, the more attractive it is.

And solid wood feeds back to people through its wood and spirituality at the same time, and people's "spirit" will become more and more full.

Today I will talk to you about the value of solid wood and why more and more people like natural wood chairs? There are five main reasons:

Natural Wood Chairs Have Many Health Benefits

Natural wood can absorb UV rays. Solid wood texture is beautiful, diverse color, is a porous material, the surface will form a small bump, can absorb ultraviolet rays in the sun (380nm or less), reduce the harm of ultraviolet rays to the human body.

At the same time, it can reflect infrared rays (above 780nm), improve blood circulation, increase the phagocytic function of white blood cells, eliminate swelling, promote inflammation dissipation, and treat chronic inflammation. This is also one of the indirect reasons why natural wood makes people feel warm.

Natural wood can absorb noise. Solid wood is the most primitive masterpiece that grows in nature. After thousands of years of sun and rain, the years of cultivation and polishing, can be carved out of the best solid wood furniture.

Natural wood can also absorb harsh high-frequency sound waves, reflect soft low- and medium-frequency sound waves, natural resonance, absorb noise, good sound insulation performance.

The texture of natural wood is very comfortable to the touch. Touch, the fifth human sense, is that we are able to perceive comfort, gentleness, etc. through touching.

Natural wood is also very close to the temperature changes of the four seasons, when people come into contact with wood, the furniture has a soft and hard appropriate, elastic touch, natural wood can give people a good sense of touch.

Natural wood has good health benefits. A variety of wood will emit a special substance, a large number of experimental data show that this substance can kill bacteria in the air, curb human diseases, enhance immunity.

And will make the human body regain consciousness, improve attention, reduce blood pressure, stabilize the body's autonomic nerves so that people feel comfortable, and have the effect of protecting health on the human body.

Natural wood regulates indoor humidity. For the overall home space, its moisture absorption effect directly alleviates the change of indoor humidity, indirectly creating a more comfortable environment.

According to the results of the study, the relative humidity of human habitation is maintained at 40%-60%. In this humidity, bacteria, fungi, dust mites do not reproduce easily, making human habitation healthier and more comfortable, especially for asthma and allergic people.

Natural Wood Chair Is Strong and Durable

The general life of panel furniture is 3 or 4 years, the service life of natural wood furniture is at least 6 times that of panel furniture, if it is a good natural wooden chair, made of mortise and mortise structure, it is more durable!

Natural Wood Chair Is Healthy and Environmentally Friendly

The reason why natural wood furniture has flourished for a long time, from the color analysis, lies in its natural wood color, revealing the beauty and originality of nature.

Way2Furn furniture is both natural and free of chemical pollution, which is a healthy fashion choice and meets the psychological needs of modern urbanites advocating nature.

Natural Wood Chair Exquisite Craftsmanship

Natural texture, changeable form, furniture surface can generally see the beautiful pattern of wood, has its own unique style personality, set natural essence in one, can bring warm "wood gas" to the home environment, feel the breath of nature.

Natural Wood Chairs Can Preserve and Increase Value

Natural wood furniture generally has value preservation, if the material is good, well-made, there is still a lot of room for appreciation.

Small Natural Solid Wood Cane Chair

Although the natural wood chair has so many advantages, we still have to pay attention to its maintenance in daily life, in order to make it more durable and accompany our lives for a long time.

How to Maintain Natural Wood Chairs?

Avoid direct sunlight. If the exquisite natural wood chair has been exposed to the sun, it is easy to fade locally to affect the luster and beauty, and the wood is too dry and prone to cracks.

Waxing regularly. Every 3 months, coat the furniture with a layer of wax. Before using glazing wax, check whether the surface of the paint layer is intact.

For newer natural wood chairs, the surface dust should be wiped clean with a fine cotton cloth, and then a small piece of cotton cloth should be dipped in an appropriate amount of glazing wax to spread out a large area, and then a larger dry cloth should be used to wipe the wax evenly, so as not to leave a trace.

2 Small Natural Solid Wood Cane Chair

What is invisible is the inner health, and what is visible is the superficial luxury and nature. Every process of the natural wood chair is full of respect for wood, which always allows us to taste the most quaint and warm pure emotions in urban life, so that all impetuosity is calmed down in this exquisite furniture!

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