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Wood and Metal Dining Table: How to Choose This?

26 Sep 2022

The dining room is the best place for a family to gather. Even the living room may not be able to get the family together at the same time, but the daily meal time is essential. Therefore, although the dining room is not the largest area in the house, it is actually the area with the most important functions.

The dining table is a place to enjoy a meal, make memories and hold family gatherings, so its beauty and durability can last a lifetime. As one of the most frequently used furniture, choosing a suitable dining table is very important and there are many factors to consider.

Solid Wood Iron Frame Dining Table - Way2Furn

The previous dining table is more of a solid wood structure, solid wood dining table has a natural pollution-free characteristics, beautiful and simple, wood color looks very warm, even in winter use will not feel cold. Compared with some marble dining table tops, the longer the solid wood dining table is used, the more it shows its charm.

In addition to the solid wood dining table, the metal dining table is also very distinctive. It is not made of metal for the entire dining table, but it is made of metal in some places, which is characterized by being particularly strong and durable, and it looks very textured.

Glass dining tables have also been popular, glass wear-resistant and heat-resistant, but relatively more dangerous than solid wood and metal tables. Because the glass is less resistant to impact and very bulky, its practicality is still poor.

In the choice of modern dining tables, more and more people choose simple and stylish wood and metal dining table that combines solid wood and metal.

So how to choose wood and metal dining table?

Way2Furn Wood Back Leather Upholstered Arm Chair Aroud The Solid Wood Dining Table

Furniture that combines solid wood and metal will take the style of your home to a new level, whether your style is traditional, modern, minimalist, farmhouse or industrial, it will be a good fit for the environment.

You can use metal as the theme element of the room, or you can use solid wood as the background color of the room, which will lead to different styles of the room, but all have characteristics.

The table top of the dining table is usually made of durable, high-quality wood that can be used for daily use. Quality wood types include oak, walnut, ash, maple, teak and more.

The table legs and frames are best made of metal, which is not only strong and durable, but also enables a variety of distinctive designs.

If your home is a farmhouse, country or industrial style, then metal is an excellent complement. Adding copper, iron, aluminum and other elements can make your table different.

How to match the shades of wood and metal

When matching wood with metal, you need to choose a dominant color. Most metals are divided into warm and cool tones, with brass, copper, and gold in warm tones and silver and aluminum in cool tones. Neutral tones include blackened bronze and wrought iron.

Wood is also divided into warm and cool tones. If the table top uses warm-colored wood, such as cherry, mahogany, and pecan, use warm-toned metals to match them. If it is a cold-colored wood, such as ash, maple, poplar and pine, use cold-toned metals to match. Neutral shades of wood, such as walnut, are the most versatile, so you can mix and match metals as much as you like and get good results.

How to choose the shape and size of the dining table?

The dining experience will be affected by the shape and size of the table. To ensure that the table fits into your dining room area, it's best to measure it accurately before buying dining room furniture, ensuring that everyone has about 24 inches of space when eating. It is best to leave enough space for the dining chairs, even if the seat is already full, people should be able to move freely around the table.

The rectangular dining table maximizes the use of space and can accommodate more seating, making it suitable for both small family meals and large gatherings. Rectangular dining tables between 72 inches and 120 inches can accommodate 6-10 people.

If you think the dining room looks too square, then you can choose an oval or round table to balance the decoration of the room. The oval dining table has the same dimensions as the rectangular dining table.

The round dining table is small in overall size, ranging from 36 to 72 inches and can accommodate 4-8 people. The round dining table is suitable for smaller dining rooms and provides the perfect setting for family gatherings.

The oval table is better for parties such as dinners, which is a great choice if you often invite guests to your home.

The height of the dining table is between 28 and 31 inches. If you buy a table that is outside of this range, you will find it difficult to find a matching dining chair.

The height of the dining chair should match the dining table. The optimal size is usually between 17-20 inches. The distance between the seat and the table is 8-14 inches, which ensures enough legroom and ease of use.

How to match furniture with wood and metal dining table?

Choose a dining chair of the same style or tone. There will generally be a matching dining table and chairs. This dining table on Way2Furn provides a series of dining chairs to match with it, saving you the trouble of matching.

Way2Furn Solid Wood Iron Frame Dining Table

In the decoration of the dining room environment, we can also use some old objects with a sense of age, old metal utensils as decorations and embellishments, to render the atmosphere of the entire dining room.

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