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How to Create a Farmhouse Style Home

24 May 2023

The farmhouse style is a harmonious blend of rustic architecture and modern amenities. It evokes feelings of coziness, warmth, and tranquility. This timeless style originated during the Industrial Revolution but became popular at the end of the 20th century. Farmhouse-style homes continue to charm people worldwide with their uncomplicated and natural aesthetics.

Linen Squared Arm Sofae and Solid Wood End Table

Calm and Simple Color Palette

Relaxing farmhouse interiors feature an understated color palette. Bright or gaudy hues are typically avoided. Instead, whites, khakis, light blues, and fresh greens predominate. White walls serve as a perfect backdrop, complementing wooden furniture and lending an air of simplicity. Khaki-colored walls also evoke a rustic texture, making the farmhouse style more prominent. Whites create a more modern vibe, while khakis feel more traditional. Earth-tone rugs and wood or light tile floors reinforce the comforting vibe.

Natural Materials

Early farmhouses were built using accessible local materials like wood and stone. Over time, a distinctive style emerged. Today, designers recreate that aesthetic using weathered or reclaimed wood, metals, and fabrics. Wood and rattan elements are commonly incorporated, imparting visual interest and authenticity. Furniture with natural grains and wear from years of use adds vintage charm. Metal accents, when paired with wood, introduce contemporary rustic textures.

Cozy Farmhouse Furniture

Furniture with a wood frame, metal base, and natural fabrics reflect the farmhouse aesthetic. A linen sofa offers a comfortable yet stylish seating option. Dining tables and chairs from solid wood topped with wicker, cane, or rush seats exude a traditional yet updated farmhouse feel. A spacious wicker sideboard provides extra storage and organization for your living and dining areas.

Way2Furn Linen Squared Arm 3-Seater Sofa

Design Inspired by Nature

Farmhouse-style homes aim to replicate the idyllic natural scenes etched in your fondest memories. Design elements allude to nature, from woodgrain floors to antique metal finishes and natural woven fibers. The overall effect is a comfortable environment where you can embrace simplicity, appreciate beauty, and reconnect with family and community. With the right furnishings and details, you can bring the farmhouse vibe into your space and fill your home with warmth, comfort, and nostalgia.

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