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Industrial Style Accent Chair: What You Need to Know About It!

17 Nov 2022


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Accent chairs are a practical and beautiful way to add extra seating while also diversifying a room's overall design. As the name suggests, an accent chair draws the eye to the piece, brings out an existing color in the surrounding decor, and creates a focal point in the room. Thus, in addition to the regular sofa in the living room, many families choose to put two accent chairs as accent.

In your home, it can be positioned in a variety of locations. To add more seating, you could place this chair in your living room. Alternatively, you could place one in a vacant room to turn it into a cozy reading nook.

Here's a brief introduction of this chair about different types.


There are some of the different types of accent chairs. The following profiles are popular forms.

  • Armchair

Armchairs are the most popular type. They are often upholstered, padded, and made for comfort. One thing they all have in common is an armrest for a comfy seat.

  • Slipper chair

This style of chair, commonly referred to as an armless chair, resembles an armchair but lacks arms. These chairs have a more modern appearance than classic armchairs because they don't have arms, which makes them feel less bulky.

Lounge Chair – Tufted Linen Fabric Upholstery Accent Chair – Way2Furn
White Lounge Chair – Tufted Linen Fabric Upholstery Accent Chair – Way2Furn
  • Barrel chair

Barrell chairs, so named because of their rounded sides and back that resemble a barrel, have a homey appearance.

Tufted Fabric Accent Chair – Barrel Chair – Lounge Chair – Way2Furn
  • Wingback chair

The chair has two wings attached on either side. The heat is trapped on either side of the person sitting on this chair, which was created centuries ago to keep people warm.

  • Sculptural chair

The final type has the most eye-catching design. The form of the chair is distinctive and intriguing. It may feature legs and arms made of wood or metal, giving it an angular and streamlined appearance.


White Natural Wool Upholstery Chair – Metal Frame Accent Chair – Way2Furn



There are 3 most popular styles of accent chair.

  • Coastal style

The color palette is most often beige, white and blue or green. You can purchase chairs upholstered in natural fabrics like cotton or linen. Patterns can range from blue stripes to nautical motifs.

  • Parisian style

There are primarily two options: the first is a subtle, minimal look, and the second is a classic, French furniture-style approach. Parisian homes frequently have elaborate moldings and wall decorations, thus tiny furniture is frequently utilized to keep the space from feeling crowded.

  • Industrial style

This style of chair we will introduce more comprehensively below.

Industrial style

The industrial revolution, which took place in Great Britain [the modern-day United Kingdom] and the United States around the 1750s, is where industrial furniture got its start.

At that time, the industrial revolution was focused on manufacturing, steam power, and metal forging, and inside the factories itself, there was a demand for furniture.

Traditional Victorian furniture, however, was brittle and flimsy and was in no way prepared for the hostile, active, and demanding atmosphere of the industries at the time.

As an alternative, craftsmen of the era conceptualized a style of furniture, which would not only sustain humankind's most wealthy eras but also develop into some of the most popular furniture types for villas, restaurants, pubs, high-end residences, hotels, and other commercial establishments. This is the industrial style furniture.

There are some different types of industrial style.

  • Rustic industrial

Although rustic furniture, commonly referred to as farmhouse style furniture, is a distinct furniture category and style on its own, the combination of a bustling industrial design theme with rural rustic may appear to be slightly nuanced.

These are typically stacked in stark contrast to one another and make use of earth tones like beige and brown.

  • Vintage industrial

While these styles likewise make extensive use of wood and were inspired by Victorian period furniture during the industrial era, they are typically heavily distressed to give them an aged and matured appearance.

  • Contemporary industrial

This type of furniture always made by materials like alloys, stainless steel. Utilizing these materials ensures that the furniture appears attractive and smooth while also providing the extra benefit of corrosion resistance. Modern industrial furniture frequently has a metallic light-colored shape that gives it a futuristic appearance.

Tufted Fabric Accent Chair – Barrel Chair – Lounge Chair – Way2Furn

Industrial style & Accent chair

Industrial furniture combines a modern touch with a rustic, old appearance. This design trend uses a lot of wood, iron, and bronze accents, frequently in striking patterns. Iron and metal are used with standard accent chairs to create the industrial style accent chair.

Other excellent ways to incorporate these metallic components in any space of your house are industrial design chairs. Decorating in an industrial design is a terrific way to balance the feminine and masculine trends.

There is example of contemporary industrial style accent chair, this chair has an iron base with the leather cushion and back of the chair that adds a simple industrial element touch.

Industrial Style Accent Chair

Today we introduce the types of accent chairs and industrial style accent chair, we hope that information could help you when you buy it.

We are a company dedicated to providing people with practical, comfortable, textured, high-quality furniture and design.

And we hope that our efforts will give you more inspiration to furnish your home.

Home is a warm place, to furnish with heart, live with heart.

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