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How to Choose a Wooden Furniture Combination?

03 Jun 2023


  1. Determine Your Style Preferences
  2. Set a Color Scheme
  3. Select Dominant Wood Tone
  4. Mix and Match Styles
  5. Play with Textures
  6. Consider Proportions and Balance
  7. Conclusion

Finding the perfect wooden furniture pieces for your home can be daunting, with many options, styles, woods, and finishes. However, with some planning and attention to balance and proportion, you can create a wooden furniture combination that works beautifully in your space. The key is deciding on an overall theme or style first, then choosing individual pieces that complement each other in the wood tone, shape, and size. This allows you to mix and match different wooden furniture sets without clashing.

Solid Wood Arm Sofa and Solid Wood Coffee Table

Determine Your Style Preferences

The first step in creating a well-coordinated wooden furniture combination is deciding on your overall style preferences. The most common styles include transitional, modern, farmhouse,mid-century modern, and French country. Narrowing in on one of these styles will help guide your choice of individual wooden furniture pieces. For example, choose rustic furniture made with reclaimed wood if you want a farmhouse look. For a French country style, go with antique reproductions and pieces made from lighter hardwoods like cherry and maple. The transitional style combines traditional and contemporary woods and design elements.

Set a Color Scheme

Once you know the style you want to achieve, consider the overall color scheme of your space and the wooden furniture you plan to purchase. Choose furniture pieces made from wood tones that fit into your color scheme. Dark stain finishes like espresso and walnut work well with rooms with dramatic black-and-white color palettes. Medium-stained wood like oak and maple blend into a more neutral color scheme. Cherry and maple in their natural finishes pair beautifully with light and airy color schemes. Allow the wooden tones in your furniture to complement and highlight the other hues in your room.

Select Dominant Wood Tone

Solid Wood Rattan Chair - Way2Furn

For a coherent wooden furniture combination, consider choosing a dominant wood tone and sticking to it as much as possible. Select a single wood species like oak, maple, or ash for most of your wooden furniture, reserving one or two accent pieces made from a contrasting wood. For example, you could do an entire living room setup in medium-stained oak coffee and end tables, a console, and bookcases, then add a walnut dining table for contrast. Or stick mostly to cherry wood for a dining set, bedroom set, and entertainment center, then incorporate a solid maple bed frame. Using a dominant wood tone ensures visual harmony throughout your space.

Mix and Match Styles

While an overall style and consistent wood tone provide cohesion, you don't have to match all your wooden furniture pieces exactly. Incorporating wooden furniture sets with slightly different styles within the same style family can add visual interest. For example, pair a rustic wooden bed frame with a more traditional wooden dresser for a farmhouse look. Mix a mid-century modern-style coffee table with more contemporary wooden accent chairs. The key is balance and proportion. Larger wooden furniture pieces like consoles, bookcases, and bed frames should generally anchor the dominant style, while smaller accent pieces like side tables and chairs have more leeway for variation. Ensure all the wooden furniture works together regarding wood tone, finish, and overall design elements.

Play with Textures

Wood Back Leather Upholstered Arm Chair - Way2Furn

While wood tone and style provide the foundation for a harmonious wooden furniture combination, don't forget about textures. Incorporate a variety of wood grains and finishes to keep visual interest. For example, solids contrast nicely with veneers, while glossy finishes work well next to matte pieces. Chenille upholstery on an accent chair provides a textural contrast to polished solid wood. Consider a wooden bed frame made from reclaimed planks alongside a sleek modern dresser with flat paneling. The rustic versus contemporary textures mix keeps the furniture composition from feeling too uniform. Let varying wood grains and finishes complement each other, pulling the wooden furniture together instead of competing for attention.

Consider Proportions and Balance

Once you've chosen individual wooden furniture pieces based on style, wood tone, and textures, take a step back to evaluate proportions and balance within your furniture composition. Larger, heavier wooden furniture like beds, tables, and bookcases tend to anchor a space, so consider if you have enough of these substantial pieces. Balance heftier items with lighter, smaller ones to achieve visual harmony. Tall items can also be balanced with lower accents. Use proportion guidelines like the golden ratio to position larger wooden furniture with smaller items for maximum aesthetics. Ensure the wooden furniture combination forms a cohesive, balanced whole that works within the available space and complements your room's architectural features.

Solid Wood Cane Chair


In conclusion, by following these guidelines for selecting and arranging your wooden furniture pieces, you can achieve a well-balanced, stylish, and visually cohesive combination for any room in your home. The right wooden furniture sets with matching tones, styles, and proportions can elevate the aesthetics of your space while providing years of functionality. Focus on finding pieces that reflect your tastes, complement each other well, and fit your lifestyle for an overall wooden furniture composition you'll love for many years. With a little planning upfront, you'll be well on your way to curating the perfect wood sanctuary.

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