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Modern Living Room Furniture: How Does It Maintain in 2023?

03 Sep 2022


  1. Maintenance of marble furniture
  2. Maintenance of hardwood furniture
  3. Maintenance of rattan fabric furniture
  4. Maintenance of wooden panel furniture
  5. Maintenance of leather Furniture
  6. These are the ways to maintain modern living room furniture in different materials.

The living room is the face of a home. In our daily lives, we need to take care of our modern living room furniture so that they remain beautiful and durable.

Today we will talk about how to maintain modern living room furniture.


 modern living room furniture


The material division of modern living room furniture can be divided into marble furniture, hardwood furniture, rattan fabric furniture, wooden panel furniture, leather furniture, and so on. Different materials of furniture often have different ways of maintenance.

Maintenance of marble furniture

Marble is a porous material, so it is easily contaminated and should use less water for cleaning. Wipe regularly with a slightly damp cloth with mild detergent, then dry and polish with a clean, soft cloth. The severely worn marble furniture is often difficult to treat but can be restored by wiping it down with a wire ball and then polishing it with an electric polisher. In the case of minor scuffs, they can be treated with special marble cleaners and conditioners.

Maintenance of hardwood furniture

Hardwood furniture should not be placed in places that are too wet or too dry, such as near high heat places such as heating or basements that are too wet, so as not to dry crack, or mildew. In the lower ground of the house, the floor is wet to raise the furniture legs appropriately. Otherwise, the legs are easily corroded by moisture. Avoid placing it in front of glass windows with sunlight, as long-term direct sunlight can cause furniture to be too dry, cracked, or faded. When moving furniture, it should be gently moved and placed, and it should not be pulled hard so as not to damage the structure of the mortise. When wiping furniture, apply a clean and soft cotton cloth; never wipe the furniture with a wet rag or a rough rag. Hardwood furniture that has been in use for some time should be wiped down with a little furniture wax or walnut oil, gently wiping back and forth along the wood grain. Hot water cups should not be placed directly on the surface of the furniture, and they will leave traces that are not easy to remove.

Colored liquids should be absolutely avoided from spilling on furniture.

Maintenance of rattan fabric furniture

It is necessary to use a special vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on its surface, use a sofa towel with good water absorption performance, and clean it frequently. Avoid spilling colored liquids on fabric furniture. The gaps between the rattan are prone to mold, so they should be cleaned frequently. The ventilation work should be done well and should not be exposed to the hot sun after cleaning to prevent deformation or fracture.

Maintenance of wooden panel furniture

Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible to avoid oxidation of its surface.

Avoid placing in hot, dry places to prevent the wood from cracking and deforming. It should not be placed in a very humid place so the wood does not swell with moisture and will easily rot over time.

Maintenance of leather Furniture

When cleaning leather furniture with stains or scratches, do not use water directly, but a dry cloth with a special leather cleaner, and wipe gently. Be careful of sharp objects leaving scratches on the surface of the furniture. To clean regularly to keep the pores on the surface of the leather from being blocked by dust, you can gently wipe it with a wet cotton cloth or silk when scrubbing. After wiping, it can also be repaid with glossy wax to keep the surface smooth. If stained with oil, wipe with a cotton cloth or towel with an appropriate amount of neutral soapy water, then dry with a dry cotton cloth, do not scrub directly with water. After cleaning, the leather sofa can be sprayed with a special leather cleaner and repeatedly wiped with silk fabrics to prevent leather aging.

Avoid direct sunlight and do not come into direct contact with high-temperature heat sources. Otherwise, it will lead to cortical aging and deterioration.

modern living room furniture

These are the ways to maintain modern living room furniture in different materials.

Here are some other furniture maintenance tips:

1. Dust removal

Dust should be removed frequently because the dust will rub against the surface of solid wood furniture every day, and use clean, soft cotton cloth, such as old white t-shirts or cotton cloth for babies. Remember not to wipe your furniture with sponges or cutlery cleaning utensils. When removing dust, use a cotton cloth that is wrung out after soaking wet because the wet cotton cloth can reduce friction, avoid scratching furniture, and also help reduce the adsorption of dust by static electricity, which is conducive to removing dust on the surface of furniture.

However, moisture should be avoided on the surface of the furniture, and it is recommended to wipe it again with a dry cotton cloth. When you dust furniture, remove your decorations and make sure to move them gently.

2. Clean

In order to remove contaminants from the air on the surface of the furniture, oil fumes during cooking, and smudges during operation, we recommend the use of special furniture cleaners. The solvent also helps remove excess wax and does not produce any other adverse reactions.

3. Waxing

In addition to frequent dust removal, the surface of wooden furniture is sometimes maintained by wax to increase the beauty of the appearance.

We recommend regular maintenance of furniture using special pure wood furniture varnish. In addition, it is necessary not to choose glazing agents that contain silicon resin because silicone not only softens and destroys the coating but also clogs the pores of the wood, making repair difficult.

Although regular waxing does no harm to the coating, we recommend that you light up only 1 to 2 times a year. Excessive waxing can also damage the appearance of the coating.

4. How To Wax

Apply the glazing wax to a clean white cotton soft cloth. Use glazing wax sparingly, as only a small amount of glazing agent is needed to keep furniture beautiful for a long time.

Wipe the glazing wax onto the furniture in the direction of the wood grain. Use the other side of the soft cloth, and if necessary, you can also use another soft cloth to wipe off the excess glazing wax on the surface of the furniture.

Excessive friction should be avoided during the waxing process. Excessive friction is actually harmful to the non-gloss layer, and in severe cases, it will lead to uneven gloss on the surface of the furniture.

5. Water stains

Water stains usually take a while to disappear. If it is still visible after a month, wipe it with a clean, soft cloth coated with a small amount of salad oil or mayonnaise in the direction of the wood grain on the water stain. Or cover the water stain with a damp cloth, and then carefully press the wet cloth several times with an electric iron to fade the water stain.

6. Scald marks

Use a dry, ultra-fine piece of furniture to paint a special steel velvet pad to wipe directly in the direction of the wood grain at the burn mark. You can also apply salad oil or mayonnaise to the burn marks, take a soft cloth and gently wipe it along the wood grain, and then change to a clean, soft cloth to wipe it clean.

7. Burn marks Scratches

Cigarette butts or unquenched matches leave scorch marks on the paint surface of the furniture, and if the paint surface is burned, you can wrap a fine hard cloth on the matchstick or toothpick, gently wipe the marks, and then apply a thin layer of wax, the burn marks can be diluted.

8. Scratches

If the paint surface of the furniture is scratched and does not touch wood under the paint, it can be applied to the wound surface of the furniture with the same color as the furniture to cover the exposed base color, and then a thin layer can be applied with transparent nail polish.


 modern living room furniture


These are all the maintenance methods. How to maintain modern living room furniture, have you learned?

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