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Solid Wood Chair vs. Cane Wood Chair: What You Need To Know In 2023

08 Sep 2022

When choosing a chair, someone will compare the cane wood chair with the solid wood chair and then make a choice.

So are cane wood chairs better than solid wood chairs? The following is to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood chairs and the advantages and disadvantages of cane wood chairs to introduce relevant content for everyone.

Solid wood chair VS Cane wood chair

Disadvantages and Advantages of Solid wood chairs:

A solid wood chair is a chair made of natural wood, and the natural grain of wood can be seen on the surface of the furniture.

The advantage of the solid wood chair is that it uses natural wood, which has a more natural appearance, is durable and green. In general, the solid wood chairs with qualified production processes have no artificial additives, and there are very few hidden dangers of pollution.

Its disadvantage is also due to its use of natural wood, so the price is generally not cheap. The style and pattern that consumers can choose when purchasing a solid wood chair are also limited by the material of the wood itself, and the choice is relatively limited. Most of the wood materials of solid wood chairs are soft and cannot be exposed to sunlight, and more energy is needed to be maintained.

In the production process, most of the assembly of solid wood chairs use mortise and tenon structure and adhesive, and the finished chair cannot be disassembled, and special attention should be paid to during the handling process. The reason why the solid wood chair has been prosperous for a long time, from the color analysis, lies in its natural wood color.

Log-colored furniture is both natural and free of chemical pollution, which is really a healthy fashion choice and meets the psychological needs of modern urbanites advocating nature.

Solid wood furniture has a long service life. The service life of panel furniture is generally 3-5 years, while the service life of solid wood furniture is more than 5 times that of panel furniture.

Solid wood chair VS Cane wood chair

Rattan is a solid, tough and elastic vine plant, so the cane wood chair used to weave is very light and tough, revealing the natural, primitive beauty.

Its unique wooden properties can bring warm and real "wood gas" to the furniture environment, so it is sought after by many consumers. The cane wood chairs are light and generous, and the delicate intertwined rattans are simple and refreshing. Those cane wood chairs and other cane furniture inadvertently create a cabin feeling, and the decorations made of small rattan with a rich earthy atmosphere can be completely shaped and composed at will.

Advantages of cane wood chairs:

Strong breathability, refreshing feel, rustic vine color helps to calm the nerves, if you use as much rattan furniture as possible in the summer bedroom, it will be of great benefit to the summer and sleep.

Cane wood chairs are warm in winter and cool in summer, plus they have to be boiled, dried, bleached, anti-mildew, disinfected and sterilized in the original processing process, which is particularly durable, and there is no problem for twenty or even thirty years. This is also one of the reasons why the price of true vines is higher.

Rattan is biodegradable, beneficial to the environment, and does not pollute the environment. Dense and strong, lightweight, tough, firm, and easy to bend into shape, not afraid of squeezing, not afraid of pressure, soft and elastic. Strong regenerative ability, vine is a fast-growing plant, the general growth cycle is 5-7 years.

Disadvantages of cane wood chairs:

Cane wood chairs that are exposed to the sun for a long time will fade, deform, crack, bend, loosen and so on.The surface of the cane wood chair is easy to hide ash.The above is the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood chairs and cane wood chairs.

For whether cane wood furniture is better than solid wood, it still depends on their own preferences. It is recommended that when choosing, you can choose according to your own preferences or the overall decoration style.

Solid wood chair VS Cane wood chair

After buying a cane wood chair at home, it is indispensable to maintain it regularly during use, so how to maintain the cane wood chair?

Here are several methods of maintenance:

After a period of use, the cane wood chair needs to be wiped clean with light salt water, which is done in order to effectively decontaminate, make the chair flexible and durable, insect-proof, anti-brittle, and increase the service life.

In daily life, the surface of the cane wood chair will always hide a lot of dust, so use a vacuum cleaner to suck away the dust, then use a soft cloth to wipe, first wipe with a wet rag, and then dry with a dry rag.

It should not be placed close to the fire source or heat, nor can it be exposed to time in the sun, otherwise it will fade, deform, crack, bend, loosen and so on.

In the maintenance process of rattan furniture, it is very important to prevent insects and moths.

It is recommended that the use of pepper noodles or pointed pepper noodles can kill insects and moths, and there is no damage to rattan. Half two peppercorns and half two fine salts are sautéed, ground, stuffed into borer holes, and then wrapped tightly in a plastic sheet or small plastic bag so that the odor does not leak out. Switching to pointed pepper noodles is the same operation.

After the moth surface is closed for 24 hours, the plastic sheet is unwrapped and the moth surface is partially injected with boiling water to kill the remaining moths. Dry with a soft towel to prevent the spread of insect moths.

Cane wood chair original color renovation treatment method: first clean and dry, and then use sandpaper to sand its outer rattan frame, so that the skin is decontaminated and restored smooth, and then varnish protection.

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