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Natural Wood Chair: Why It Is So Comfortable?

10 Jan 2023


  1. One of the main reasons for this is the comfort of the wood.
  2. Natural wood office chairs are also very representative.

We all know that sitting on a chair is a necessary part of our life. What can you say about the chair's comfort? To answer this question, today we will talk about the natural wood chair, which has many different colors, sizes, and shapes. Find out why individuals think it's so comfortable!

Solid Wood Chair – Cane Chair – Accet Chair – Rattan Chair – Way2Furn

The history of solid wood furniture, such as natural wooden chairs, can be described as the history of woodwork in the world. No matter how much the chair's material has changed with the advent of the industrial revolution, the natural wooden chair still occupies a very essential and irreplaceable position, closely related to its comfort. So why is it so comfortable?

One of the main reasons for this is the comfort of the wood.

Wood has a unique beauty and superior material properties that nature has given. Since ancient times, people have liked to use wood to make furniture, decorate the environment and improve the comfort of the living environment. People have learned from experience that the presence of wood in space makes life comfortable.

Scientific research has shown that people are used to using wood to make furniture, which is closely linked to the visual features of the wood. On the other hand, the visual characteristics of the wood consist mainly of parameters such as the color, gloss, and grain of the wood.

  • The color of the wood

Increasing the brightness of the color will give a bright, elegant, and relaxing feeling. Woods such as birch and spruce that have such bright colors will make people feel bright and comfortable.

Wood with low brightness, like rosewood and yew, gives a sense of depth, stability, and elegance. In general, the color of softwood is more focused on orange-yellow and yellowish-white light with higher brightness, while hardwood is spread over a large spatial range.

Side view Solid Wood Chair – Cane Chair – Accet Chair – Rattan Chair – Way2Furn
  • The grains of the wood

There are three major reasons why wood grain makes a good impression. First, the surface grain color of the vast majority of the wood is warm, which can bring a warm visual sense. Second, the wood grain is composed of parallel lines but not equally spaced, giving people a feeling of softness, order, relaxation, and comfort. The width of the annual wood rings and the nuances of color shows the ascending and descending patterns, which fully reflect the artistic law of change and unity.

Some studies have shown that the visual sense of opulence and luxury is significantly increased in grain patterns with large variations in line spacing, line width, and color, and these patterns are mainly on the diameter cut surface of the wood. Most woods can exhibit moderate variations in grain pattern to provide a sense of elegance and beauty. That's why natural wood chairs never get tired of looking at them, and they will last for a long time.

The researchers also found that the radial rhythm of wood grains changes in line with the fluctuation rhythm of the human biological clock. The spectral distribution forms of wood tone, texture, and growth ring interval coincide with the spectrum distribution of human physiological indicators (including brain waves, heart rate, etc.). This rhythm is a common internal feature of all organisms in nature. Due to the absence of this characteristic of wood, some artificial materials in the industrial era were not trusted or loved by people.

  • The luster of the wood

When light shines on the surface of the glass, tiles, and other materials with high reflectivity, the bright reflected light often renders people unable to open their eyes. Wood is a porous material, and when the light is illuminated, the wood is diffusely reflected or absorbs part of the light, softening the dizzy light and having a visual effect on the silk surface. Therefore, even if people are constantly looking for alternatives to wood, it has never been able to mimic the surface shine effect 4. The uniqueness of the wood

A knot is a natural growth defect on the surface of the wood. Still, the appropriate knot on the furniture will have a certain decorative effect, giving people a pure, natural feeling. People even make efforts to find furniture with nodes, and the unique node on each piece of wood makes each piece of furniture unique and irreducible.

The points above explore the comfort of the wood itself. Moreover, natural wood chairs in various use scenarios also have corresponding comfort requirements.
Natural wood dining chairs, as our everyday dining uses a particularly high frequency of a chair, using nature's logs through processing and production, without adding any artificial substances, are very clean and environmentally friendly. And it's breathable; placing it at the dining table may also make the surrounding air fresher and moister, creating a healthy dining environment.
Natural wood dining chairs have a natural wood pattern, which can reflect the taste of the room owner, and are elegant, stylish, and atmospheric. Sitting comfortably, it will naturally bring a pleasant mood to the dinner; it is a dining chair when eating, and when it is idle, it is a work of art with a unique charm, which makes people never tire of seeing it.
Since many natural wood dining chairs are made of good wood, they are durable. As long as you pay attention to its placement environment and know how to carefully maintain it, each natural wood dining chair can be used for about ten or twenty years, and its service life is several times or even more than ten times that of other material dining chairs.

Overlook Solid Wood Chair – Cane Chair – Accet Chair – Rattan Chair – Way2Furn

This "Solid Wood Cane Chair" is a pastoral-style dining chair of Way2Furn, and its natural wood grain intuitively shows the warmth of natural wood dining chairs.

Natural wood office chairs are also very representative.

Nowadays, people sit in front of the computer most of the time to work, and it is easy to cause many lumbar spine diseases due to poor sitting habits. And then an ergonomic wood office chair will help you correct your sitting posture and protect your spine. Although some office chairs feel soft and comfortable when sitting down, they are not conducive to people developing good sitting habits. In the long run, it will only lead to issues such as lumbar disk herniation and cervical spondylosis. The correct sitting should be chest straight, the upper body naturally straight, body weight transmitted through the spine's normal force lines, the whole body's muscles in a balanced, relaxed state, and knees naturally together. Only the right sitting posture can make people feel comfortable and healthy for a long time.

Although they look plain and simple, well-made natural wood office chairs are the ablest to guide people to develop healthy sitting habits. In the choice of materials, there are many types of natural wood office chairs, mainly oak, teak, maple, ash, elm, poplar, pine, etc. In the process of processing, compared with those wood-based panels or leather furniture, the amount of glue used is quite small, which is both natural and environmentally friendly and has no chemical pollution, which is a healthy fashion choice, in line with the psychological needs of modern urbanite advocating nature.

In conclusion, the natural wooden chair is healthy and comfortable. Follow Way2Furn to learn more about chairs.

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